I graduated with BA (Hons) Illustration from Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2015. During my final year I found my voice and interest and created my illustrations using digital collage while writing my dissertation on the timeless quality of Hannah Hoch. I had ambitions of working in editorial design with houses that had the same political leaning as myself. 

Soon after graduation I moved back to Liverpool and began working on my portfolio. Feeling that there was something missing in my work, I applied to embark on an MA at Manchester School of Art. I have grown more researched in my area and have gained a real sense of who I am as an artist. I have been inspired by artists who have addressed experience and identity such as Louise Bourgeois and David Hockney in his early work thus changing my practice dramatically.

I explore the relationship between ceramics and illustrative idioms. Drawing from influences as diverse as feminist body politics and the stark truth of children's drawings, I create interdisciplinary narratives. Throughout my studies I have been fascinated with society and experience which is evident in my practice. What starts out as a collection of stand-alone pieces soon become manipulated into a coherent series of images, leaving only a sense of reflection. As figurative naive forms become mixed with themes such as sexism and politics through clay and deft line drawing, the viewer is left with a sense of introspection.

My practice is multifaceted. At times I use child-like aesthetics to trick the viewer into a false sense of security whilst addressing darker aspects of society. I draw humorous and/or ironic images to help process the political and environmental turmoil we are experiencing. Possibly to keep myself sane. Ish.

Through social engagement art, I connect with people through making together and creating spaces where conversations and communities grow. I am working with Professor Anna Hickey-Moody of RMIT University, Sydney, Australia, on the international research project, Interfaith Childhoods, to promote belonging by finding common threads through art with children within diverse communities. I am also working with the fantastic volunteers of Mustard Tree through clay workshops to create tangible objects in response to the feeling of friendship, support and community that is experienced within the charity's new building in Ancoats, Manchester.

When working intuitively with my material, I create stand alone pieces intended for gallery spaces.

I exploit the tension within my work between fine art and illustration.